Solderer per BGS requirement: Ensures that solder, parts, cleanliness and quality of PBC’s are build up to 

IPC Standards. 


Responsibilities & Tasks

Per BGS requirements, the Solderer shall:  

  1. Have an understanding of Simple IPC standards and procedures.
  2. HAND SOLDER and Touch-Up electronics parts such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, IC’s etc. to PCB’s IAW IPC-A-610 class 1, 2 or 3.
  3. Ability to remove, repair and install Thru Hole Parts, SMT Parts, Wires, Cable Harnesses by using rework tools and rework stations. 
  4. Solder Wires and cable harness to PCB
  5. Ensure cleanliness of PCB’s and ensure boards are free of flux, solvent residues as well as water spots.
  6. Simple functional operation of PCB Batch Cleaner.
  7. Ability to use Microscope to perform touch-up, soldering, removal and installation of small parts. 
  8. Ability to solder with lead-free solder alloys.



Minimum 1 yr. experience on hand soldering of electronics parts, wires and cable harnesses, use of Microscope and rework of PCB’s. 



Minimum HS Diploma



Hand soldering of fine pitch

Rework of PCB 

Use of Microscope